Restaurant Payments in a Tap

Entire mobile solution to manage your POS, create custom offerings, and accept digital payments

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Built for Restaurants

Processing Fees

Tired of paying exboritant processing fees from major card players? Digital wallet payments can increase your margins by up to 3.6% and get to your account faster.

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Table Turnover

Manual order entry is time consuming and slows your turnover. When customers order through mobile phones and pay digitally, turnover can increase by over 20%.

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Paper Receipts & Tips

Reconciling tips on paper receipts is exhausting and results in frequent erorrs. Mobile tips are accurate and increase tip pool by almost 30%.

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Tap to Pay

Tap to Pay is the first solution transforming iPhones into payment processors. Customers can pay through their digital wallet by tapping their phone to a waiter's iPhone and leave the tip right from the table. Digital receipts are texted or emailed instantly.

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Customer Experience:

  •    Faster ordering
  •   Customize selection to their liking
  •  Higher satisfaction with digital payments

Restuarant experience:

  •   Pay less in card processing fees
  •   Increase table turnover
  •  Add mobile infrastructure to your POS
  •  Reduce paper receipts and storage
  •  Send custom offers and discounts through SMS

how it works

Customers can now view your menu, order, split payments, and pay all from their phone. Here's how Alex's party of 4 experience with Global Pal:





Transaction history is automatically uploaded.
Alex and his party of 4 sit down for dinner. They view your digital menu through a QR code on the table.
Alex's party are greeted by their server and informed that they have the option to order through their phone. They place their order with relevant customizations.
Kitchen receives a digital ticket with the full order from Alex's party. The server is prompted on their phone when the food is ready from in kitchen and the table number to serve.
Server selects Alex's party and uses their phone to accept the table's payment(s). Upon each digital payment a prompt appears to select tip amount.
Everyone in Alex's party receives a SMS or email receipt with their individual bill.

message from the ceo

I lived in Hong Kong a few years ago and every time I would go out in a group, we struggled with payments, resorting to back of the napkin math, phone calculators, and even a running excel sheet. Yet, HK residents were paying in seconds with WeChat and AliPay. Global Pal was created to enhance the consumer experience when they dine at restaraunts especially in our increasing digital age.

To restuarant owners and managers, we understand how difficult it is to run your business. We want to help you increase your margins, retain your existing systems, and build out your digital offerings. We are always open to feedback, requests, and customizations to your preference. Please feel free to email me directly at

Neal Singal, CEO

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Do I have to change my POS system?

No, we add mobile infrastructure on top of your existing POS system. You can also update your menu, rewards, hours and view transactions and analytics all through our mobile application.

What digital payments will I be able accept?

Our platform is currently compatible with Apple Wallet. This includes Apple Cash and cards linked through the digital wallet. We expect to launch GooglePay shortly, sign up to our mailing list for updates.

What POS systems will you support?

  •   Stripe
  •   Micros
  •   Aloha

What are the potential margin improvements?

We provide a consultation to asses your current system, transaction volume, and profit centers. On average, margins increase by 5-7.5% per group transaction through digital payment adoption. We also see an increase in tip pools by 15-30% and a quantifiable improvement in table turnover.